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About Our Ceremonial & Healing "Earth Wands"

Our "Earth Wands" are so named because they incorporate elements of the three Earth realms; the underground, the surface, and the sky. The wands have crystals and metals from under the earth, wood and leather from life on the earth, and feathers from life above the earth.

We make these wands within dedicated sacred space while setting our intention to receive guidance from the spirit world on what combinations of materials and design will have the most beneficial effect. They are made by spiritual people for spiritual people. Each wand is a completely unique creation and energetic tool.

When natural branches are used, they are branches that have been gathered from open land after having fallen and dried. We do not cut branches from live trees for our wands. Our naturally gathered branches become reborn with new energy.

We also make wands using combinations of exotic woods from around the world. For some wands we use one type of wood alone while others are laminated combinations of various colors and grains. In most cases the exotic woods are not stained and are simply finished to a high gloss to bring out the natural color and grain of the wood.

We use a very specific procedure to permanently attach the crystal tips to the wood handle. We then use leather or other materials to "dress up" the interface between the crystal and the wood. The leather, cord or metals you see are not the structural component in joining the crystal, but instead serve as a blending influence between the crystal and the handle. Leather ties or thongs finish off the handle and serve not only as decoration, but also provide a way to hang the wand if you wish to do so for convenience.

We can also take requests for custom wands using specific woods and crystal tips. Contact us for details.

Click HERE or Use the category menu at the left to see our currently available wands.

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